Who is a TRUE Christian?

Probably got some attention with that, eh? I was listening to John MacArthur yesterday and that question was posed. John gets right to the point. I reached for the volume knob because this is a question that I have had on my heart for months. His answer, “A TRUE Christian is one who LOVES the Bible, one who LOVES God’s Truth. This is based on Psalm 19:10 – Your law (Word) is more desirable than the finest gold, sweeter than the purest honey. As Peter said like a babe craves milk, so we do also. Ya just can’t get enough of it, the Holy Spirit draws you to Him, He  puts His flame in your heart. It is also living it daily of course. If I were to be put on a desert island or in the wilderness, given a choice of one item I could take, it would be the Word of God. I can not live without it. I’m a sinner just like you. If by chance you are offended by my words, I don’t care in the least. That is an issue between you and the Lord, the Author of the Book.

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